What is canyoning?

Canyoning is to descend a river. You will walk, swim, abseil, jump, slide, down climb. You may forget your life, learn better who you are, have emotions, have fun and enjoy the nature.

The interest of the canyons

Interest of the canyons

Colour of the water

•  Cross: Green emerald to bottle green

•  Robinson: Blue

•  Wilson: Blue to crystal clear

Your choice

We can help you decide the canyon which is best suited to your ability. Your guide may also decide on the day to change the canyon for descent to ensure your safety and maximum enjoyment. Factors can include, weather, canyon conditions, your ability level on the day.

What should I bring?

A swimsuit, shorts, thermal T-shirt, cereal bars, a drink (in a plastic bottle). For a full day, add a portable meal. It’s better not to bring your valuable items.

 What we provide

•  Shoes with good friction and ankle protection

•  3mm wetsuit socks

•  5mm canyoning wetsuit in 2 pieces : a long johns and a jacket with a hood

•  Adjustable helmet

•  Harness with all you need to descend the canyon

•  Canyon Bag. One to share between two people

•  Waterproof barrel

•  A camera to share for the group

Can I bring my camera?

Yes, if it is waterproof.

Can I bring my glasses?

Yes, if you need them and bring an attachment cord. Contact lenses are fine.

Do I need to know how to swim?

It helps to have good water confidence, please tell us if you are not confident or you cannot swim. Don’t worry, we will find a solution.

Meeting point

At Wanaka, Makarora,

or at the exit of the canyon :

•  Bridge 8135 for Cross Creek

•  Bridge 8111 for Robinson Creek

•  Bridge 8116 for Wilson Creek

All are located on the Haast Pass section of Highway 6.

We will confirm the meeting point with you at the time of booking.  Our guide/s will travel each day from Wanaka.

Minimum age

•  Cross Creek :  from 8 years old

•  Robinson Creek :  from 10 years old

•  Wilson Creek :  from 12 years old

These are recommendations only and will depend on the participant. It is also a requirement for a parent or an adult guardian to be on the descent with them.

Group size

We take a maximum group size of 5 participants.
Bigger groups available on demand.

How much time in the water

•  Cross Creek : 2 to 3.5 hours

•  Robinson Creek : 2 to 3 hours

•  Wilson Creek : 4 to 6 hours

How much time from car to car

•  Cross Creek : 2.5 to 4 hours

•  Robinson Creek : 2.5  to 3.5 hours

•  Wilson Creek : 5.5 to 8 hours

How much time from Wanaka to the exit of the canyons

1 hour

How much time from Makarora to the exit of the canyons

10 minutes

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